Windsor Castle, a curated home and do the Royals crave Hygge??

Nyla's annex

Having tried and failed to visit Windsor Castle last Dec (got there too late and lost eldest baby ladies bunny in Daniel department store… long story, but rest assured bunny was returned to much happiness not least because it was a bloody christmas pressie in the xmas eve box only 3 days before said visit!!!), we managed to return and actually complete the visit (still by the skin of our teeth due to stopping buy Mum’s cousins truly beautiful home in Windsor for a coffee first), this saturday just gone.

Cap’n is running a course for some international students and so is taking them to see some cultural places of interest every weekend over the coming four weekends. We get in free with his pass anyway but seen as he was working and would be there and not very mobile as he’s still recovering from the ol’ ACL op we thought we’d go at the same time and make it a bit of a family day (few hours).

First of all I want to jump back to the part i mentioned about stopping off at Nylas house (mums cousin) for a coffee and a nosy around the complete new build they are having for their house, not an extension or some slight renovation work, no a complete rebuild. Luckily for them they have an annex at the end of their drive that is a) habitable b) absolutely beautiful and needs to be rented out as a set for a cooking show or any kind of tv show come to think about it, and 3) is handily on sight Obvs!

Nyla and her Husband Rich have a sense of style and impeccable taste that makes for a home that is every inch a curated space of both beauty and functionality.

It was the perfect time to visit as I’m having, all be it very slow and very steady what is in my mind the most almighty declutter, sell, donate, rearrange, rethink for our entire house at the moment. It started perhaps with the nesting phase before little lady numero dos arrived and has only stayed and grown exponentially as the months have gone by because we’ve moved our now 4 year old into the spare room… (how the hell do I have a 4 year old p.s), so have lost the dumping ground that was the spare room and it feels as though every room has in turn now become in some way the new dumping ground. Theres pockets of every space that is “need to tidy and sort” stuff piled up awaiting its golden day of being driven to the charity shop.. although i must say sometimes it seems that is hard work in itself because the charity shops around here are either full up or want a detailed contents list!!

So it was the perfect time for inspiration to be reignited and affirmation that this is way overdue and much needed for the successful  running of the house and lets face it more importantly my mental health!!! I know its hard to strike the balance of things looking good and being practical but i’m confident its possible. I think maybe it just takes a little longer than the time I am allowed each week to commit to the task.

Any advice welcome here?? Do i write a list of things to tackle per week? NO (note to self to do this) Storage is the bain of all I think. I want storage that works for kids toys and looks good… those two things are a hard deal to strike unless of course you’re in possession of a lot of doubloons.

When we’d finished out coffee and pastries with a side of being nosy parkers we made it into Windsor Castle and had a lovely stroll around the grounds in the sun (was lovely and warm this weekend wasn’t it), looked at the giant dolls house and every room dressed in all its regal charm I couldn’t help but wonder does the Queen have those days where she just thinks enough with the bold colours and sumptuous fabrics already? What if she wakes up and thinks I haven’t slept right this week and I’m almost sure its the feng sui in this place thats all to pot? How can she or any of the Royals in these buildings and castles steeped in all their history and exuding grandeur at every corner ever really just kick back, change into a good old grey marl lounge wear set and get some hygge going on?

Now being a military wife i thought I had built up a strong enough immunity to green carpets and hideous patterned curtains… more than is actually warranted per room to boot, but it turns out I don’t think I actually have and these colours and patterns are affecting my mojo. I’m craving a space that is comprised of only the greys, whites, creams and other muted tones that I choose to accent with.

Anyways this post is a little heads up if you will, to some posts of the future, i’ll do a before and after of spaces in each room that have worked and been a success. Cant promise when but i’ll aim for at least one this time next month and that should drive me on further!

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