summer memoirs and things I recommend for October half term…

So the autumn term kicked off yesterday for us (we’re only dealing with a few days of preschool drop off and collections but I’m already looking forward to October half term, as much as its nice to get back to some sense of normality when term time is back I really do love the fact that I get another year with my eldest before she starts big school. Being one of the older children in her school year means she gets to hang out with mama a lil while longer, this term I’ve put her into pre school for one more afternoon session a week for the purpose of getting her gradually used to the culture shock that school will bring! Her hours total 12.5 a week and that is just enough for us to be honest. I’m not someone that got overly excited about the 30 ‘free’ hour scheme, I’m lucky that its not needed for childcare and work cover etc but also I just felt that I would miss her too much and that we have the perfect balance currently.
We struggled with finding the right pre school for her and its not been without its fair share of hurdles along the way but I value the skills and experience that pre school brings so was determined to find somewhere we were happy with. (the trials and tribulations is a subject for another post, as is the matter of the 30 ‘free’ hours actually being ‘free’)

So anyway as usual I’m totally going off piste, the point of this post was to share with you a place we discovered over the summer, I am somebody that grades days out quite harshly I think so it has to be a really well thought out venue with activities to impress me….
While searching for a sunflower field for some shameless ‘pretty pics’ for the insta feed and the girls scrap books I stumbled upon this place….link here.

IMG_9263 2

I’ve pasted it on the things they have going on for autumn because i realise it would be useless if i rave on about how AMAZING it was over the summer without the possibility of being able to visit now!!
I know its a bit of trend thing and in vogue right now to be all over Halloween but I must confess I am personally someone who is and always has been OBSESSED with Halloween and traditionally do go a bit OTT. If your stance is that its all become too ‘american’ and commercial over here, save it for the other haters cos its lost on me!
I grew up in a very very rural religious village and even the stationary emblazoned with ‘Jesus loves you’ in place of where haribo should be and the preaching of doing the devils work on my annual door to door knockings didn’t taint my love for the last day of the month that is Halloween.

Although quite a macabre child, I never actually hit Goth status i just loved dressing up and had a firm sense of celebration and occasion so for me it was another reason to go all out on all the things that make Halloween that little bit special. Pumpkins, witches, ghouls and ghosts… the dark magic of it has always fascinated.

So naturally you will understand how much I love it when a venue I have already rated highly has themed Halloween activities.


When we visited Priory Farm in august we did the discovery walk and LOVED it, the quiz is really good too for the bargain price of £1

The farm is vast and is easily a good day out rather than the usual hour or so before you’ve exhausted all there is on offer. I love anything that wears everyone out with good old fresh air to boot and this place ticks all the boxes.

We had 1x Cap’n on crutches and the babe in the pram and managed to do the entire discovery walk (the quicker route) just missing out the woodland section.

IMG_5594 2

my eldest is almost four and loved it and I hope to return with my nephew who is almost 10 and I know will love it just as much.

Part of my inner grading system on days out is reliant to the fact that I am in part still very much a big kid and I find myself thinking I would have loved it here when I was young, I don’t score points for things being educational or anything too forced, fun is always educational after all, but if we are looking at this place from adult eyes, the walk is well rounded with enough variety and imagination to keep everyone focused till the end. we had to drag our eldest away kicking and screaming to stay…always a good sign however tiring at the time!

The walk, quiz and some food for the fish in the pond at the end was around £10 if not exact so all in all a very inexpensive lovely day out… (meanwhile we still save up for legoland and will it be as good…doubt it)


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