Postpartum slobbery, capsule BF wardrobes and the Jeans I owe it all to….

Firstly allow me to introduce myself if you don’t already know this much but find yourself here, I am a jewellery designer, army wife and just recently replaced mother of 1 to mother of 2 to my cv. This blog has been a long time coming and I’ve always had a lot to say on a lot of varying subjects but have decided to kick off with a recent win on the rather gloomy post birth clothing shop that often ends in disaster, and more cake eating…

Second time around I planned ahead and bought a few new bits in prep for a little pick me up after the postpartum bluergh strikes, but baby numbero dos was born at the end of april, meaning my feeding wardrobe and blobby mass couldn’t hide under the jumpers with leggings uniform that it did previously on dawsons creek when my first was born.

when the time comes for you to stop wearing the maternity clothes because its now damaging your pschey i think its vital to set off to the shops with items in mind that will make a capsule postpartum wardrobe possible. These items in all honesty aren’t anything wildly different to any other capsule wardrobe but for the trappings of breast feeding for some mums.

The first shopping trip was a full on family affair where i left afore mentioned first born with husband, friend and newborn in pret while i went frantic in topshop for twenty minutes trying to find jeans, none of which made me look like anything more than a pair of sausages wrapped in string that was fraying in various areas. I bought a pair in desperation, hungry, sweaty, wondering if the baby was screaming (in pret amongst all the hipsters eating avocado and cray fish),  and in serious need of clothes that weren’t maternity, weren’t my normal size, covered my scar and made me feel slightly more human!?

Even as i handed over my card I knew i wasn’t happy with them but I still bought them. Like I say, desperation ….  I always feel like any amount of money is a waste if you don’t absolutely love what it is your buying, from a £5 t shirt in asda (we’ll come to that later) to a £600 mulberry bag(we’ll also come to this later) you have to be in love with it regardless of the price or its just not worth the wardrobe space and spend surely!? So instantly regretted buying the jeans came home after a few other quick essential purchases were made in primark and started messaging a friend who i knew always looked good in high waisted jeans to see where hers hailed from.

She directed me to Matalan, a shop i hadn’t been in for years and one i mainly remembered for the dodgy soundtrack of chart music sung by other people instead of the actual artist, that and some nice bits of homeware i owned in my early 20’s. This, My first revisit to Matalan i’ve joked in a whatsapp group owned by my sister and friend Amy (the mothers union) was the game changer that I owe most if not all of my postpartum sanity to. Jessie and april cut jeans in various colours we salute you!

Some of the summer colours went into the sale so i also bought a size down in them in prep of next summer when i’m back to my usual size, but the classic denim colours they have currently are equally as good and a snip at £16-£18. I find the cut on the april jeans is perfect to tuck a bit of mum tum away or just keep a muffin free smoothness without being that extra full on high waisted cut like the Jessie… which are equally as good by the way.

Details that i appreciate being that they are high waisted is the fact that the pocket placement is spot on and flattering, this is something i find is usually wrong with a high waisted jean or trouser.No one wants to look like they have a long flat bum!

I’ve imparted this knowledge on everyone I’ve come into contact with since learning of the wonder that is an april or jessie catalan jean so go check them out i promise they don’t disappoint!

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